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357 magnum ammo review

By Mazulmaran

According to the Sheriff, even with all the modern, autoloading pistols around, the. By Sheriff Jim Wilson The Taurus Ribber grips and porting system go a long way towards taming the felt recoil when magnum ammunition is fired in the Tracker.

Just the other day, a friend of mine came to me with a handgun question. He lives on a large acreage, nestled in the northern California hills, and was looking for a good handgun to carry when he went on his daily walks. Some time earlier, he had purchased one of the polymer, striker-fired pistols but was wondering if it was what he needed to deal with possible encounters with mountain lions, wild hogs, and feral dogs.

I asked him what other guns he had, and he allowed as how he had an old revolver that he'd bought years ago. On further questioning, this "old" revolver turned out to be a 4-inch-barreled, stainless-steel, double-action.

I told him to look no further; he already had the gun that he ought to be carrying on his outings in the woods.

In this day of modern, autoloading handguns, the. The good. In addition, no other handgun is more versatile when it comes to the selection of ammunition. And this includes shot loads for dealing with poisonous snakes. On the top end of the spectrum is a huge selection of.

The shooter can choose from the really hot stuff, like the grain JHP loads that generally have velocities of to fps. Or the shooter may opt for some of the heavier bullets in the original grain weight and on up to the grain hollowpoint and softpoint ammo for hunting purposes. The last time I looked, the. No other caliber has a greater choice of bullet weights and configurations to meet virtually every shooting need.

In addition, reloading manuals are chock full of time-tried and proven handloads to meet every need, too. In my own case, I started carrying a. The hot grain hollowpoint ammo had just come out, and we found it was a comforting thing when relations degenerated into a shooting situation. Naturally, when I started handgun hunting, my first hunting sixgun was a. Although I later transitioned into a. I found out a long time ago that the. A Most Interesting.

In many ways, this is one of the most interesting. To begin with, it is a medium-frame revolver that is chambered to hold seven rounds of ammo.

Manufactured of stainless steel that is finished in pleasing dull-gray tones, the Taurus Tracker has a ramp front sight and an adjustable rear sight.

The 4-inch barrel is a bit on the heavy side, having a full-length underlug. However, the Tracker has two other features that make it stand out as an all-purpose revolver. The first of these is the porting system that is standard on all Trackers. JHP 19 51 1. Hydra Shok 42 89 1. JHP 31 64 1. Silvertip 17 43 1.

JSP 4 11 1.Combine the legendary stopping power of the. Hop down to the disclosure section to read all of the details on this process. The Critical Defense line is designed for personal protection, not for law enforcement or other special purpose.

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It is intended for the average citizen who carries a firearm for self-defense, and the loads are intended to serve well in that role. When designing this line, Hornady wanted to ensure that bullets would expand even after punching through leather, denim or other heavy clothing. Since these loads were not intended for military or police use, performance after penetrating laminated glass or aluminum was not emphasized.

The FTX is a copper jacketed hollow point design that uses a red polymer plug in the bullet cavity. This plug acts as a mechanism to prevent other materials from clogging the hollow point while also helping to improve the reliability of bullet expansion in flesh.

At the same time, the. In general, the Critical Defense line enjoys a good reputation in the shooting community. I hoped this load would prove to be an equal performer.

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For another review, I had a pair of. Both of these guns are small framed revolvers that are carried by thousands of citizens for personal protection. They seemed like a very good match for the Critical Defense ammunition in this ammo review. Reliability with this ammo was perfect. Every time I pulled the trigger, it went bang.

Self-Defense: .357 SIG And .357 Magnum Ammo Considerations

This is what I expect from any factory ammo, but doubly so for anything designed for personal protection. Recoil was heavy. Recoil was on par with other Magnum loads I tested with these guns.

There was significant muzzle flip during recoil. My impression was that there was slightly less flip than with the grain Speer Gold Dot and grain Remington Golden Saber I was also shooting.

The range I used for this testing was an indoor range. While the range is well lit, it is not as bright as daylight. Muzzle flash becomes a bit more obvious in this range as compared to shooting outside.

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Hornady states the Critical Defense loads use a powder that minimizes muzzle flash. Of course, the notion of low flash from a short barrel. As the photo shows, there is plenty of muzzle flash.

Accuracy was good with these rounds. At 7 yards, I measured one five shot group with the as 1. With the LCR, I was a little better at 1. I credit the better for me front sight on the LCR for the improved accuracy more than anything else. All shots were fired from an unsupported two handed grip. Both guns are double action only. For this ammunition reviewI was eager to see to what velocity these bullets were loaded.

In this case, Hornady shows a muzzle velocity of 1, fps. The below table shows what I measured to be the actual velocity from these guns.The best.

It is also a popular hunting and target shooting cartridge. So we have put together a list of the finest. Self Defense and Concealed carry for shooting out of a compact revolver or an ultra-lightweight. Very fast, a nice sized projectile and an exceptional ballistic coefficient, makes this offering from the LeveRevolution line by Hornady a near perfect hunting round when you need to be going out past 50 yards with a. The penetration and range are unmatched for the bullet sizing.

Simple cartridge made to preserve the original loadings of the round. The recoil is mild compared to most rounds available and the performance is excellent with the all-lead semi wadcutter which shows well on paper targets and offers easy shooting.

Yes, there are other loads that can do well in concealed carry, but none of them are as well put together as this cartridge when you look at all facets of design and performance. Home Defense and Personal Defense in a Carry situation, when you need the ultimate in stopping power and need ultimate reliability and are aware of the surroundings. Budget range ammunition that is well priced and well made for a consistent and reliable range experience every time you use this ammunition made by Fiocchi who makes all their own components for each line they market with the exceptions of certain premium collaborations.

.357 Magnum

This is probably the best value priced. The premium brass is reloadable like the other cartridges on this list, and this offers a benefit to perceived value for shooters. An all copper projectile retains the most weight of any projectile type, while offering excellent penetration through the bones, heavy muscle and thick hides of tough game like hogs, and other intermediate sized game.

The fast velocity and lightweight bullet offer significant penetration, while the exceptionally uniform expansion creates a wide wound channel for maximum blood loss. The hard-hitting copper bullet still offers maximum stopping power despite being lighter weight than some competing projectiles. Intermediate and large game hunting for the. This is a contender for the best Magnum ammo for hunting of tough animals at moderate ranges due to the penetration potential and the hard copper projectile that offers extreme reliability in the mushrooming and diameter expansion.

Famous gun industry figures including Elmer Keith writer, hunter, tinkerer, sometimes thought leader and D. The introduction made the. The agencies and officers nearly all, preferred to have less rounds of the.

It was a major shift towards performance when it came to matching the firepower on the streets against criminals and gangsters that were now starting to implement bullet proof vests and heavy steel car doors to shield themselves from police bullets. Mostly, the. It has been one of the premier cartridges for such use since its inception onto the market inwhere it was immediately used by many police agencies across the country as noted above.

It is also a great handgun or lever gun cartridge for hunting of animals in the intermediate and large size range. Hunters everywhere have used it as a secondary backup firearm on big hunts or as a primary handgun or lever gun for intermediate sized game at intermediate and shorter ranges for decades.

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The high velocity and high energy transfer with the penetration and modern designed projectiles more on that laterwhich offer high weight retention, this is a perfect cartridge for many types of game.

The well-known, well-loved. In fact, it has had a great resurgence in the competition world in a sport called Cowboy Action Shooting in the recent years. This sport puts reenactment into a competition form, in a sense, and challenges competitors to shoot old time cartridges in replica or other guns that were in use prior to ; with a specific set of challenges and loads. The round is a popular one among this crowd.

357 magnum ammo review

Static ballistics are the numbers that are produced by the ammunition projectile in factory testing or by the standard pressures of the load in an optimum setup. It is comprised of the velocity and the energy delivery at the muzzle exit point, before significant wind drag or other environmental effects can degrade the power of the bullet.This is both good and bad.

No new bullet, in either. They will all, in any weight the.

357 Sig vs 357 Magnum vs Ballistic Gel

As well it should have. The projected velocity of the JHP was 1, fps.

357 Magnum

That was not the real velocity, of course, but that was what everyone used as their goal, their aspirational speed, if you will. It came close out of a 6-inch barrel, doing high 1,s, but out of the more-common carry gun it was between 1, and 1, fps. Which was plenty to get the job done. Where in the 9mm the research was to produce a bullet that would expand at the velocities that could be generated, in the.

The Sig was designed to deliver the ballistics of the. The case is essentially but not as a practical, handloading matter the. It has a capacity close to that of the. But, and this is important to understand, it is limited in the same way the. If you expect to get the full.

If you go for a compact. So, if you want the full. If you are not willing to pack the biggest one, then save yourself the hassle and step back to a 9mm, since that is about all the velocity you will be getting anyway.

One of the big advantages of the. This is good, as it allows for less-strenuous practice. This is bad if you use. This was supposedly one of the problems encountered in the Newhall incident. At the time, the California Highway patrol and many other law enforcement agencies felt it entirely appropriate to practice with. One problem is that the shorter. If you want to use. The lightest carry revolvers often have a warning to not use the lightest bullets.

If you want to test, fair warning: the recoil is beyond stout, it is sharp enough to be painful, and you can easily work yourself into a flinch.

The problem is not picking what works, they all work. The problem is in picking something you can live with. In addition to the advice with other calibers use what is reliable, use what is accurateyou can add use what you can stand to shoot.

In a certain sense, you could call me a professional shooter. I shoot more ammo on an annual basis than most people walk by at the big-box store when they go to buy ammo for a day at the range. I have shot, and continue to shoot, every handgun caliber made. I shoot a lot.

357 magnum ammo review

The lightweights? Unless it is for an article or a test, I will only put. This will take some work and range time. The bad news is that this may be work, could be annoyingly painful and will take time. Now, in the. Log in to leave a comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.USA — - Ammoland. All have very lightweight bullets at high velocities. In addition they produce 38,and 10 mm rounds. They are not pre-cut to facilitate expansion.

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They achieve their results from very high velocity. The projectiles are deep hollow points, which aids in destruction of tissue. With the high and consistent velocities it is evident that some thought and research was put into the ammo to produce these results.

It is more than just adding a little extra powder to produce the desired results. They also make some and ammo. For more info you can go to www. Due to the light weight it would not be suitable for large game and would probably destroy a lot of meat in small game.

For varmints it should be outstanding within its ranges as accuracy is good. Since the. Since it is pricey, practice can be done with generic ammo and use the Liberty for serious use. Just shoot a few as they will be different then conventional ammo. As a rule lightweight and fast bullets will hit to a lower point then the slow moving slug.

The reason is a slow bullet stays in the barrel longer so it is pointed higher when the bullet exits. In a Kahr Pistol, as well as a Kel Tec, the ammo performed well with no jams.

Most ammo shoots an 85 or grain bullet at around FPS, which is better than nothing but leaves a lot to be desired. These loads make the a more serious social gun. Two guns were used with different barrel lengths so we could get more complete info. Shooting through the Caldwell G2 Chronograph revealed that the velocities were as advertised. That is to be expected as a shorter barrel will produce less velocity especially with high performance ammo which this is.

Accuracy testing at 10 yards showed both guns shot it well, and since it is such a light bullet it will slow down rapidly after a few yards.Get a more uniform and reliable shot with the superior shotgun Magnum Ammunition. Ready to rock right out the box, this Magnum Ammunition is great for training and target practice applications.

Don't waste your time with expensive and flimsy brass models, when cold, hard, steel can get the job done in half the time and price. Load up your rifle with multi-round Handgun Ammunition for a smoother feed and straighter shooting experience. The dependable choice for discerning hunters, Magnum Ammunition offers a more fluid trigger-pull for both plinking and self-defense needs.

With a unique hollow construction, Magnum Ammunition from top brands like HornadyMagtechand Remington for maximum weight retention and terminal expansion. Be sure to check out our Hunting Gear store for great discounts on the brands you know and love. Ammunition Handgun Ammo Magnum Ammunition. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should.

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Best .357 Magnum Revolvers in 2020

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Please add " opticsplanet. Popular Brands. Hornady Leverevolution. Sig Sauer Elite Performance. Federal Premium Centerfire Handgun Ammunition. Hornady Critical Defense. Hornady American Gunner. Sig Sauer V-Crown Ammo. Hornady Critical Duty. Hornady Custom Handgun. Hornady Handgun Hunter. Speer Gold Dot. Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense. Ammo, Inc. Remington High Terminal Performance.

Armscor Precision Inc Armscor Ammo. Underwood Ammo. Ruag Swiss P Norma Ammo. Magtech Sport Shooting. Atomic Ammunition Atomic Ammo.Handguns have developed incredibly over recent years — especially pistols.

Plus, many affordable options that once were very pricey are now available at much more favorable prices. So in this article, we will review our 10 best. We think all of our choices will give you excellent functionality, great satisfaction, and good overall value for the money. Since it was first brought out way back inthe.

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It became extremely popular for its powerful terminal ballistic capabilities. This meant it was widely used for hunting, yet it appealed to gun users for many other reasons due to the sheer power and velocity you get from this cartridge. Just after WWI, it is most likely the cartridge was developed because Colt had introduced their.

In fact, the cartridges even could shoot through vehicles and protective vests of that time. This is because it outperformed the over feet per second velocity that the.

357 magnum ammo review

Because the Magnum cartridge was extended to approximately 3. Magnum dealt with the problem of chambering such a high pressured cartridge through clever design. The overall design made the cartridge perform incredible penetration due to more room being allowed for powder in the cartridge casing.

Plus, the new breed of Magnums and firearms that were made to chamber these cartridges surged with the high demand. These cartridges were, and still are, extremely potent at penetrating targets. Therefore they are an effective choice for hunting large game, as well as any other type of hunting that is on the agenda. Additionally, the round became very favorable with target shooters alike.

This was obviously due to its high velocity high penetrating performance. Ultimately, the. However, one difference you should know is that you can fire.

Here we are dipping into the full-range of J-Frame Revolvers. They range from the Model Airweight right through to the Model Within this range, some of the models just vary with extra features such as their Crimson Trace Lasergrip — which gives you a better ability to target and acquisition.

Other models feature a hammerless double-action-only or a single-action system with an exposed hammer. Larger models use an alloy and stainless steel construction. Smaller models tend to be an aluminum-alloy frame and may have a carbon-steel cylinder. All models have a five-shot capacity — arguably just enough to get the job done in a crisis situation. Plus, all the models take the. This is a high capacity revolver in that it shoots an impressive eight rounds. This particular Magnum uses a triple locking cylinder mechanism, which firmly locks in place the bottom, front, and rear aspects of this revolver.

This makes for good positive alignment of the main parts and a long-lasting and reliable choice of firearm. In addition, all the internal parts are polished to optimize functionality. As well, the double-action trigger is very crisp and has a very predictable let off — every time you fire this gun. Another special part of the mechanism is the Super Redhawk two-spring lock set-up that gives you a more evenly functioning double-action cycle and good ignition.

As well as a strong working mechanism, the materials used to make this revolver are extremely high quality. For example, they have used a cold hammer-forged barrel, and the frame is polished stainless steel.

Finally, the adjustable rear sight, in combination with the front fiber optic sight, allows you to target extremely accurately. You also have the choice of using either the. This is a very good-looking single or double action revolver that is made using a combination of classic revolver making techniques and modern technology.